“A Journey Through Our Memory Lanes.”

Join us- Classy, Sassy and Nerdy, through this journey. And don’t forget to support us. (You can support us in various ways. Some of the ways include, liking, commenting and sharing.)

  • We will guide you through your problems (teenage problems), we will rant and we will obviously write reviews. We will share with you some of the problems that we encounter in our life, and the solutions that we think is appropriate to it.
  • You can expect us to be sarcastic, emotional, funny, nerdy, sassy, rude and many more. We are a package of uncountable emotions and feelings. All three of us are different from each other in one way or other- we are opposites, yet we are best friends.
  • You can expect some drama, because boy we can be such big drama queens at time. But, we are not those typical mean/rude girls. Yes, one of us isĀ mean, but we balance each other. While Classy is mean, Sassy is sarcastic and I’m a genius, we all have good hearts. We would never hurt people intentionally (exception- enemies).

Don’t say we didn’t warn you earlier.

Best friends are the siblings that God forgot to give us.


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